What oil is best to use?

Blackstone's Recommendation

After years of testing and cooking on griddles we created our own mixture. The Blackstone Seasoning and Cast Iron Conditioner is the best and easiest way to get consistent results. This unique blend of oils combines the best of many different cooking oils. 
You can purchase the Blackstone Seasoning and Cast Iron Conditioner at select retailers as well as on our website. 

Pros and Cons of Using Other Oils

You can use other oils like canola, vegetable, olive, or other food grade oils. However, different oils can vary in the process from the burn time, smoke point, and durability once finished. 
We used to recommend using Flax oil for your initial seasoning because it is a food grade oil with a low smoke point, which will burn off faster at a lower temperature and naturally create a very hard seasoning. Some people have had great success with flax oil. However, we found it a little more tricky than other oils and customers were getting inconsistent results. This combined with it not being readily accessible to everyone and its higher cost, we found a better solution and now make a proprietary blend of oils that is specifically optimized for Blackstone griddles.
One seasoning option we do not recommend is seasoning your griddle by cooking bacon. Bacon is great for your first cook but not for your initially seasoning. Bacon contains preservatives, salt, sugar, and many other additives that will prevent your griddle top from properly seasoning. If you prefer to use an animal fat for seasoning, pure lard will work as it does not have the same additives as bacon.

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