My flames are burning yellow

The color of a burner flame is determined by how the propane is mixing with oxygen. It’s common to see flames burning blue, but if they aren’t, it doesn’t always mean that something is wrong. Depending on elevation and the size of air gates, flames might burn yellow. Unless the griddle isn’t reaching a high temperature, or you have two burners with different flame colors, this isn’t something to be concerned about.
If your griddle isn’t reaching temperature or one burner has a different flame color from the rest, there is likely something obstructing how the propane is mixing with oxygen in your burner. In most cases, the obstruction is something caught in your burner tube. You can unscrew your burners from your griddle and remove them for cleaning. Clean the outside or the tube with a soft bristle brush (do not use a wire brush).
For the inside of the burner tube, you can run a narrow bottle brush or wire bent into a small hook through the length of the tube, or blow it out with compressed air.
Here's a video explaining how to clean your burner tubes:
Once clean, reinstall the burners, ensuring that the fuel jet at the end of the valve is inserted into the end of the burner tube.
If you have a 36” griddle with adjustable air gates, you can also try adjusting your air gates. At the front of the burner tube (right behind your control panel), some 36” griddle burners have a shield that can be adjusted to change the oxygen flow into the burner tube. 
Here's a video on how to adjust your air gates:
If this doesn’t resolve the issue, or you need additional support, submit a support ticket with the live chat or leave a message feature so we can assist you. If you haven’t already, please make sure to register your griddle to activate your warranty

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