How do I safely transport my griddle?

Many Blackstone griddles are made to travel. Regardless of whether you're taking your griddle to a campsite, tailgate, or just home from the store, it's important to ensure your griddle arrives safely. 

No matter what griddle you are moving, there are some points to always keep in mind before taking your griddle on the go:
  1. If you are transporting your unit in a truck bed or trailer, make sure to tie down your load. Items like the griddle top and the hood need to be secured with straps before moving to ensure they don't come off the back of your vehicle. Or, you can always remove the hood and griddle top before heading out.
  2. Used griddles can get a bit greasy. Remove the grease cup, and make sure to protect your vehicle from any oil spots by putting something down underneath your cooking station.
  3. Do not stack anything on top of your unit, as any bumps you encounter in the road could cause anything on top of your unit to dent it.
  4. Make sure you are transporting your propane safely. This includes:
    1. Do not keep a filled propane tank inside a hot vehicle
    2. Always transport your propane cylinder in a secure, upright position so it can't fall or shift
    3. Close the cylinder valve before transporting the tank
    4. Remove the tank from your vehicle once you arrive at your destination
If you're getting ready to take your griddle on your next adventure, make sure to check out our covers and carry bags for an easy load-unload experience.

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