My griddle top is warping

Our griddle tops are manufactured from carbon steel, which naturally expands and contracts during heating cycles to accommodate thermal expansion. This can cause minor warping as the griddle top becomes accustomed to the heat, which may happen during the manufacturing process or during one of your first cooks. 

Minor Warping:

Minor warping is generally temporary, and as you use your griddle more, the top should flatten out. Please run your griddle top through 10-20 heat cycles to allow your griddle top time to be accustomed to expanding and contracting. Over time, it should naturally flatten back out. 
If, after ten uses, the top doesn’t flatten out, please contact us via our support team here. Make sure to include current pictures of the warping, and if you haven’t already, register your griddle to activate your warranty. That way, we can best address the situation and make sure we get your griddle in proper working order.  


Due to the natural expansion and contracting of metal, it is normal for some of our griddle tops to occasionally crown slightly in the center. With the concentrated heat below the griddle plate, a little crowning is to be expected to accommodate thermal expansion.  The reinforcing bars welded beneath the griddle will help lessen the effects, however, a little warping may still occur due to the nature of steel. This should not affect the performance of the griddle.
If the warping is severe or affects the performance of your griddle, please send pictures to our support team here so we can review your case and determine the best way to help. If you haven’t already, please make sure to register your griddle to activate your warranty.

Preventing Warping:

There are some ways to prevent warping from happening. These include:
  1. Do not excessively preheat your griddle top before cooking, especially if you will be applying chilled food. This temperature change can thermally shock the griddle surface and cause a warp.
  2. Do not use large quantities of water while cleaning your griddle. Use small shots of water on sticky parts using a squeeze bottle.
  3. Do not put frozen food on a hot griddle top.

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