How do I perform a leak test?

Leak testing is a way to ensure that all the connections between your propane tank and griddle are properly sealed and there are no breaks in the regulator hose. If there is a leak in your propane delivery system, it could cause your regulator's flow limiter to trip and restrict propane flow. It is recommended that you perform a leak test on your regulator:

  1. After changing your propane tank
  2. After using your griddle after a period of storage (1 month +)
  3. If your regulator's safety system (flow limiter) trips
The easiest way to leak-test your regulator is by conducting a soapy water test. Create a 50/50 water-to-soap solution (any dish soap will do) and bring it out to your griddle. Ensure that your griddle's burner knobs are set to the OFF position and that your propane tank valve is closed. Connect your regulator to your propane tank, making sure to not cross-thread it, and hand-tighten it until it is fully seated.
With a paintbrush or spray bottle, apply the soapy solution to all the connections on your regulator to the propane tank, griddle, and all around the silver parts of the regulator. 
Once you've coated all the connections, open your propane tank valve slowly, but leave the griddle burner knobs in the OFF position. This will allow propane to flow through the regulator and into your griddle's gas rail. If there are any leaks, the soap bubbles you spread will grow in that area. 
If there is a leak where your regulator connects to the griddle or the propane tank, close your propane tank and check your connections to make sure they are tight and not cross-threaded. You can try re-seating the regulator on the propane tank valve to make sure it seals correctly. Then, attempt the leak test again. If the leak persists, please contact customer service by submitting a ticket here. If possible, please send pictures of the leak test so our agents can see where the leak is coming from.
If there is a leak coming from a connection on the regulator itself, please submit a customer service request here. If possible, please send pictures of the leak as well as the silver part of the regulator with the embossing.

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