What can you cook on a griddle?

What can you cook on a griddle?

Almost anything!

We surveyed over 1500 of our customers and asked them what they thought the greatest benefit of owing a griddle would be and the majority answered with a resounding, “Versatility!” One of our customers enthusiastically exclaimed that “The Blackstone griddle is like the Swiss Army knife of cooking appliances!”

Another popular answer was that the overall cooking experience “is just so much fun!” There is something about wielding two spatulas like a ninja flipping, scraping and chopping food for everyone to see that brings a smile to chef and spectators. Isn't that the reason why restaurants like Teppanyaki and Benihanas are so popular?

So what can you cook on a flat top grill besides the typical burgers, steak, and bratwurst?

Here is a list of eight types of food you can cook on a Blackstone griddle.


1. Breakfast

We belive that one of the greatest benefits of owning a flat top grill is that you can regulary cook all three meals on it! So, while it's not impossible, it takes some ingenuity to cook some eggs and pancakes on a traditional grill.

Not only can you cook some fantastic breakfast food, but you can cook a lot of it quiclkly! Just ask Scott, who was faced with the challenge of cooking for 40 people with very short notice. He said,   

“We joined a large group of friends for a vacation where we were camping and they were renting a home. We all came together for Sunday morning breakfast. As we began getting all the items together I quickly realized that we had to cook for about 35-40 people on a stove top with 4 burners. Eggs, bacon, pancakes and more.

I quickly said I will go get my Blackstone and that will make things much easier and have no big skillets, pots and pans to wash afterwards.

Upon returning, I cooked 5 pounds of bacon, 4 dozen eggs, and 20 pancakes in the same amount of time that my friend made 12 pancakes in a skillet on the stove!”

There are many people who have had similar experiences.

Here are 50+ Blackstone Breakfast Recipes to spark your creativity!

 Griddle Breakfast Sandwich

2. Lunch/Dinner

Lunch and dinner recipes can be similar in terms of what people typically eat, so we’ll group them together in this section. But you can cook everything from chicken, steak, fried rice, stir fry, egg rolls, seafood, tacos, pasta, and so much more! 

Here are a couple of Blackstone bloggers who create delicious recipes for the Blackstone griddle on a regular basis:

From Michigan to The Table

Or Whatever You Do

 Lunch and Dinner on a Griddle

3. Appetizers/Party Recipes/Desserts

Not only can a griddle be used for all your meals throughout the day, but they can also be used for some pretty fun desserts as well!

If you’ve never experienced cooking popcorn on a griddle you’re definitely missing out. It’s so simple but magical at the same time. Here’s a TikTok video that went viral teaching you more about it.

You can make some amazing dips, salads, chicken wings, and you can’t forget the famous BACON FRIED CORN appetizer!


4. Healthy Dishes

Steamed and seared vegetables on a griddle taste amazing! If you don’t believe us just ask Karri who said, “The taste of our food is amazing!! We eat more veggies and have gained a ton more friends from our neighborhood due to the smell of us cooking on our Blackstone. Score!”

Here is a good tutorial for steaming veggies on a griddle and here are 20 healthy Blackstone recipes to browse and get inspired.

 Healthy food on a griddle

5. Ethnic Dishes

While Blackstone is currently being sold exclusively in North America the dishes that can be cooked on it have spanned the globe. People have been using their griddles to recreate some of the most famous dishes from other countries. Here we’ve compiled a short list of dishes some of our customers have made from different countries.

Chicken Tikka Masala (India)

Beef Stir Fry (China)

Italian Style Fish (Italy)

Griddle Tacos Carne A La Mexicana (Mexico)

Greek Souvlaki with Thai Peanut Sauce (Greece & Thailand)

Picanha (Brazil)

Beef Bourgignon (France)

Paella (Spain)

6. Air Fryer

Ever wondered why Blackstone is the only griddle manufacturer with an air fryer? It is easily one of our most sought-after models. It’s because we have an exclusive agreement with the holder of the air fryer patent that allows us to build them right into our griddles so you can cook more in one place.

Here are 40+ recipes you can make in a Blackstone Air Fryer


7. Restaurant Quality Food

Another popular thing griddle owners like to do is replicate food they find at their favorite restaurants.  We get a lot of stories like this one from Angela telling us how they hardly eat out anymore because they can make the same dish at home with the same quality.

“My husband now goes to restaurants only once & replicates it on his griddle each time he wants something from a particular place. His cooking on the griddle truly IS better than anything from a restaurant!”


8. All the bazar creations in-between!

Sometimes if fun to create something completely new like a Griddled Parmesan Spaghetti Taco where the taco shells are made from cheese! Or making your own corndogs from scratch where the batter is infused with Fritos! There are so many unique recipes waiting to be created! Be sure to share with us what you are cooking by tagging us at @blackstonegriddle – we’d love to see what you’re cooking.

Spaghetti Taco