How to choose the right flat top grill for you

How to choose the right flat top grill for you

If you’ve just decided to purchase a flat-top grill, you’re in luck. There are more griddle offerings to choose from than ever before, and they are packed full of features unheard of in flat-top grill cooking a short time ago.

But with all these options, it’s sometimes challenging to just pick one so you can get cooking. Today we’ll go over some of the most important things to think about when purchasing a griddle grill.

Where do you plan on keeping your griddle?

Take some time to consider the space that you plan to allocate for griddle cooking. First and foremost, you should plan on maintaining a safe perimeter around your grill.

Look for a space where you have at least 18 inches of clearance in all directions. Regardless of whether you have a smaller space or unlimited space, there’s likely a griddle perfect for you.

Overhead clearance is also important when determining where you plan on keeping your griddle.

Having an overhead shelter is very convenient for cooking on days when the weather could turn ominous. If you plan on cooking under or near a pergola, canopy, sun umbrella, or other outdoor shaded structure, be certain there is at least 10 feet of clearance and plenty of ventilation.

What will your griddle sit on?

Now that you know where you want the griddle to go, consider what the griddle will sit on. There are many options for both freestanding griddles and griddle cooking stations.

If you plan on taking your griddle on the go, a smaller one or two-burner grill may be perfect. These are great for sitting on a picnic table, the tailgate of your pickup, or a collapsible table.

For a more long-term solution, there are many griddles that come attached to a rolling stand. Some of those stands can be collapsible for storing or using on location, but most griddles will live with the legs attached once assembled.

If you have an outdoor kitchen or are planning on building one with a dedicated griddle space, any of the tabletop griddles should work. 

Keeping within your budget

Now that you’ve found a suitable place to keep your griddle, it’s time to think about how much you plan on spending.

Naturally, grills with fewer features are reasonably priced and a great value. These are a good option for someone who may not need side shelving, storage drawers, or a place to keep paper towels.

But for those of you who enjoy the additional features, Blackstone offers some of the most convenient built-in accessories of any company on the market. Although more expensive, it could be argued that premium features like hard-covered griddles, side burners, and even built-in air fryers and warming drawers are just as fun to use as they are convenient.

Choosing the right fuel

The majority of Blackstone’s grills are gas-powered. Gas is a great fuel for griddle cooking because it burns hot, clean, and efficiently. Smaller grills can be powered by one-pound propane bottles or grab an adapter hose and larger propane tanks for extended use. The larger griddles require a 20-pound propane tank.

If you’re considering keeping your grill in the same spot for a while, natural gas may be the best option. Most homes already have a natural gas supply and a plumber can run a natural gas line to your cooking area.

Natural gas will require a slightly different fuel supply line than what came with your griddle. You can purchase Blackstone’s tabletop natural gas conversion kit for tabletop 17” and 22” griddles, or a compatible kit for the 28” or 36” griddle. Note that some griddles are not compatibel with the conversion kits so please read ahead. 

If you’re not allowed to have gas where you cook or prefer a griddle for both indoor and outdoor cooking, the E-series griddles are worth looking at. The E-series griddles are powered by electricity and are just as capable as our other grills.

Blackstone E-series griddles come in two sizes. The 17” griddle has a single heat zone and the 22” comes with two independent heating elements. Both are thermostatically controlled with a digital readout allowing you to cook at temperatures up to 500F. The griddles have Blackstone’s patented rear grease collection system along with a removable lid. The lid is great for covering foods when you’re melting cheese on a burger or want things to cook a little quicker. Both E-series models come with a non-stick ceramic-coated surface and are ready to cook as soon as they are plugged in and turned on and turned on.